Suchan Kinoshita | Platzhalter

Ellen de Bruijne Projects welcomes the acclaimed time-based-installation artist Suchan Kinoshita for her 3rd solo show in the gallery space in Amsterdam.


Kinoshita's art incorporates elements from her background in experimental music and theatre, including in particular the direct connection between work and audience. Kinoshita's oeuvre reveals itself in time through dynamic processes in which the personal relationship between viewer and artwork gets into shape. The here and now of the performance is important to her. She avoids static presentations and representations. This will only distract attention.


The fact that Kinoshita has grown up between two cultures and has been trained in various artistic disciplines is reflected in her work that pushes boundaries, crosses them or just ignores them. Thereby, the experience of time and space is frequently thematised. On the one hand, it is important that these concepts are experienced differently in the two cultures in which they are rooted. On the other hand, Kinoshita's work combines the way in which time and space are used and portrayed within the disciplines of theatre, music and visual arts. She incorporates the process-related aspects of theatre and music into the visual arts, and by doing so, frees them from the static nature that is often connected to the visual arts.