Klaas Kloosterber | Handen en Voeten

"Artworks seldom have the presence of normal objects, which don't ask any questions but are self-evident. For me–Kloosterboer says–it's a goal to make an object with meaning, and above all with this unbelievable and strong presence that common objects around us have"

Let us build a game metaphor. First, an understanding of game: in a determined space and time, a social system in which to explore a distinctive perspective on the relationship between rules and constraints. Game metaphors are appealing because they extend an invitation to a deeper understanding of rule-governed systems. In the game metaphor that this exhibition could be, we are given a constellation of elements: stick figures, body parts, garlands, abstracted landscapes, geometric patterns. They all follow a set of rules; they interact in seemingly unintelligible ways, but there is a sense of cohesion, a feeling of affordance, which allows us to make sense out of them. It is a game of artistic perplexity of which we are bearing witness.