Falke Pisano | Vondervotteimittiss (the stories we tell)

Ellen de Bruijne Projects presents the completion of Vondervotteimittiss, a series of performances that Falke Pisano has been developing since 2017 and that have been presented at venues such as Stedelijk Museum, Manifesta Foundation (Amsterdam), Museum M (Leuven) and Petit Palais (Paris).


Upon entrance to the gallery, it is clear that someone wants to tell you a story. Four stories, to be exact, told by a historian, an observer, a victim, and an artist: a story about the disruption of order, a story about the demand for transparency, a story about the difficulty of recognising oneself in one’s cultural condition and, finally, a story about the limits of critical self-reflection. In essence a triptych, Vondervotteimittiss examines, through an analysis of literary short stories by canonical Western authors, the way in which knowledge and self-knowledge, and by extension governance and criticality, is bound to cultural conceptions of space and time.