Pauline Curnier Jardin | Hot Flowers, Warm Fingers

Centraal Museum, Utrecht

Opening September 9, from 3pm.

Running until April 21, 2024. 


Centraal Museum Utrecht has invited Pauline Curnier Jardin for her first solo exhibition in the Netherlands. In Hot Flowers, Warm Fingers, the French artist will display work from the past five years together with presentations created especially for this occurrence. She is also putting together a 'Wunderkammer' of furniture and paintings from the collection of Centraal Museum Utrecht.Her latest work Adoration, which premiered at last year's Venice Biennale, will make its debut in the Netherlands. This collage-like film depicts the forgotten story of women in Casa di Reclusione Femminile, a Venetian prison for women. In the 16th century, they were forced to enter the convent, where they then performed plays and made themselves heard every year. Much to the amusement of the Venetian elite.


End of 2023, Centraal Museum will open its completely renovated collection wing. On the ground and first floor, the story of the kaleidoscopic collection will be told. On the second floor, Centraal Museum launch The Second Level, where they invite artists to present their own work in relation to the collection of the museum. Pauline Curnier Jardin will kick off and be the first to take residence there. Her idiosyncratic selection of paintings, chandeliers, furniture and floorboards will be integrated into a total installation she is creating especially for the museum.

August 31, 2023