Jeremiah Day | NoTav or How To Save The World

Jeremiah Day launches his new project on the commemoration of the NoTav movement on March 26 with an online event. 


NoTav is a decades long coalition with diverse public forms and social constellations to stop the mega-development of a new high-speed train-line that actually has no real purpose, but would destroy a whole human landscape in the Italian mountains.

From weekly lunches that gather elders in protest outside construction sites, to the annual book, wine, and music festivals, NoTav offers a glimpse of how working together offers the basis for new bonds, connections and mutual support across social class, generations and prejudices.

Building on his existing civic and poetic research, this new project will unfold through performance leading to video and new knowledge. This evening seeks first of all to share the first steps of the project and also to gather supporters to build the next stages.
This project is in co-production with Davide Tidoni.

Online event:
Tuesday, March 26, 2024
19:00-20:30 GMT

Free attendance, RSVP here


An Ode; A Collaborative Description & Description of Collaboration; A Political Toolbox; A Medicine; An Antidote

Part 1: Slideshow Talk (30 mins)
Part 2: Discussion (30 mins)
Part 3: Fundraiser; potential for mutual support (30 mins)



March 18, 2024