Ksenia Galiaeva - Presentation of Unreal Estate the Book

Ellen de Bruijne PROJECTS, Singel 372, Amsterdam 29 October 2023 
Ellen de Bruijne PROJECTS, Singel 372, Amsterdam 4PM

We are delighted to invite you to join us on October 29 for the presentation of Unreal Estate the Book, a book by Ksenia Galiaeva containing 18 stories and over 100 photographs. Likewise, a selection of Galiaeva’s photographs will be exhibited in the gallery until November 18.


In Unreal Estate the book, Galiaeva brings together the autobiographic stories that have always been present as background and driving force of her work, without being fully told, as well as a photographic collection made from 1997 to 2022.


This film and book project, an extension of Galiaeva’s photographic oeuvre, concludes the long period of working with her parents and is an ode to her characters and their history, which have shaped her as a person and artist, the only child of two Holocaust and labor camp survivors, and an ethnic mix of five nationalities (Jewish, Polish and German, Tatar and Russian) and four religions.


The presentation of the book by Ksenia Galiaeva will be introduced by Ellen Rutten, professor of Slavic Literatures and Cultures at the University of Amsterdam and writer of the book introduction.


The audiobook version of Unreal Estate the Book will be performed by Ksenia Galiaeva and Joachim Badenhorst.