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Nissinen_Inner Materials

Erkka Nissinen – Inner Materials (Tilaa massa tilassa massa litassa maalit: ali tila), 2013

Ellen de Bruijne PROJECTS proudly presents a new work by Erkka Nissinen; Inner Materials (Tilaa massa tilassa massa litassa maalit: ali tila). “Material Conditions of Inner Spaces was filmed in Hong Kong, combines Buster Keaton–like comedy sketches with stilted quasi-philosophical phraseology. It provides insight into the turbulent thoughts and worries that are part of an artist’s process when readying work for an exhibition on a tight deadline.” – Artforum

Erkka Nissinen is known for his performative media art. His pieces defy established genre definitions and share few points of comparison with the history of cinema or media art. Nissinen’s video pieces combine the rhythm of comedy with a narrative mastery of time in an unique way. Nissinen has an unpredictable sense of humour that challenges the viewer’s own preconceptions. Many of Nissinen’s pieces purposefully walk a fine line between good and bad taste. Macabre situations, excess and an almost autistic repetitiveness challenge the viewer.

In his pieces, Nissinen combines grotesque imagery with elements from educational films and children’s programmes, such as endless repetition, singing, animation and purposefully clumsy, carnivalistic expression. The strange characters, often played by Nissinen himself, ultimately turn out to be ordinary people who are just acting in a particularly obsessive manner. Even though Nissinen’s themes are often topical and political, he is in essence an anarchist, and as such politically incorrect.

Erkka Nissinen (Finland, 1975) lives in Hong Kong and Helsinki. He graduated as a Master of Fine Arts from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts’ department of Time and Space Arts in 2001. In addition to this, Nissinen has studied at the Slade School of Fine Arts in London and attended the Rijksakademie Residency in Amsterdam in 2007.

Andaz Hotel acquired Nissinen’s video ‘Inner materials’ and donated the work to the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and De Hallen Haarlem.

Performance Erkka Nissinen at Art Rotterdam
Friday 7 February 4pm

Art Rotterdam | Projections 2014
Van Nellefabriek
5 – 9 February 2014

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