Evi Vingerling/ Olve Sande 13/04/13 – 18/05/13

Evi Vingerling


Ellen de Bruijne Projects is proud to present the third solo exhibition in the gallery with the latest paintings by Evi Vingerling. Her paintings might seem abstract, but they actually refer to the world around us. Vingerling beholds the world in a rather unusual way. To her the world manifests itself continuously as a beautiful chaotic mix in motion. She is fascinated by things that others may take for granted or think of as trivial. By unravelling what she sees, stripping the context and painting it as it is, she discloses the hidden beauty of the ‘ordinary’.

The phenomena she chooses to paint can be anything that catches her attention, from a plant she sees somewhere in the background to floating mountain ridges looked upon from above. Evi Vingerling is interested in the underlying structures and patterns of these things that meet the eye. In a long working process, she makes sketches and photographs and studies the chosen object well. This way she is able to reveal the entity in its minimal state. In her own words, she rids the object of its symbolic and historical meaning. The result looks almost effortless, and above all very pure. Vingerling works with gouache or oil on canvas, with minimal brushstrokes or gestures.

Evi Vingerling was born in 1979 in Gouda and currently lives and works in Eindhoven and Amsterdam. She attended the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague where she earned her BFA in 2002. Three years later she was a resident at the Rijksakademie Amsterdam. In 2006 she received the Buning Brongersprize for painting and she was nominated for the Wolvecampprize in 2008 and the Thieme Award in 2010.In 2012 she received the Royal Prize for Painting. Her work has been exhibited in group shows as well as solo shows, amongst others in What’s Up! – De Jongste Schilderkunst in Nederland in the Dordrechts Museum (2012); I Promise to Love You in the Kunsthal Rotterdam (2011); Riposte in the Stedelijk Museum Den Bosch (2011); Pep, tada-projects, Post-Museum Singapore (2011).

Next to her solo at Ellen de Bruijne Projects, Evi Vingerling will have a solo at the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam. The exhibition Unisono 26: Evi Vingerling will be open from April the 27th until September the 1st 2013. For more information, visit www.stedelijkmuseumschiedam.nl.
From the 5th to the 26th of September, Evi Vingerling will have the solo New Paintings in the Project Room at Wiels, Brussels.

Evi Vingerling’s new catalogue will be released during the opening at Ellen de Bruijne Projects.
Text contributions by Steven ten Thije: Seeing Cohesion, and Marijn van Kreij: Seeing something, trying to understand it and making an image of it. A conversation with Evi Vingerling.
Photography by Kristien Daems and Wytske van Keulen. Design by Adriaan Mellegers. Printed by Lecturis. The catalogue of 84 pages is bilingual: English/Dutch.
Available at Ellen de Bruijne Projects for the price of €20,- (excl. 6% BTW).

Image: Evi Vingerling, Untitled, 2012, gouache on canvas, 210 x 160 cm.



Olve Sande

olve-sande-working-for-abstraction-iDolores is proud to present a selection of new works by the Norwegian artist Olve Sande (Bergen, 1984). Before receiving his degree in Fine Arts at the National Academy of Art in Oslo, Sande was studying architecture. This architectural background is clearly present in Sande’s work and in his way of working. Researching the transformation of sculptural materials and processes into two-dimensional pieces, could be considered as a leitmotiv in his oeuvre.

Although he doesn’t consider himself a painter, Sande encounters painterly problems employing architectural materials. Parquet, laminate, plaster and plywood are few of the used and new building materials, which are selected by Sande for his work. Applying removal, deconstruction and assembly of the various elements he examines their sculptural and formal possibilities, while the physicality of the work remains his focus. Even though this physicality retains a strong presence, it resists the beholder’s interpretation and confronts him with the absence of a singular reading.

Olve Sande (1984) lives and works in Oslo. He studied at the School of Architecture and the National Academy of Art, both in Oslo. Recent exhibitions include: Herrmann Germann Contemporary, Zürich; Galerie Antoine Levi, Paris; Kreuzberg Pavillon, Berlin; Kunst(spiel)raum›, Berlin; Irmavepclub: Livret IV, at Musée départemental d’art contemporain de Rochechouart, Rochechouart; PSM-Gallery, Berlin.

Opening: 13 April 2013, 5-7pm
Exhibition: 13 April – 29 June 2013
Curator for Dolores: Dorothé Orczyk

image: Olve Sande, Working for Abstraction I, 2012, Silkscreen print on unprimed canvas, 140 x 100 cm.

Courtesy of the Artist and Galerie Antoine Levi, Paris


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