Anne-lise Coste / Katrin Mayer 29/10/11 – 24/12/11

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Anne-lise Coste – Être en vie- le feu

—————————————————————–faith in black——————————————————————-

so yes i paint

big paintings

on drop cloths

middle sizes, small too

on wood, on paper

in black

black oil (black ivory)

with a squeegee

or my fingers

i use gloves

still very direct process:

i put the drop cloth or the wood panel on the floor or the paper sheet on the table

and i go:

i put the oil paint directly on the surface, directly from the tube

and i go, happens what happens

the beauty of the discovery and joy of the irruption : oh what did i do what did i do ?

it is fast, very fast

it wants to touch the whole, the whole all

i am a creature of the earth, quite big and very small, who breathes and will die and

i got to know lately the order is like this:

-the planets
-the stars
-the galaxies
-the universe

= d u s t

so i do invocations, i dance around the fire, i embrace everything for a short short while

i think with words that bang together

and let go

Also at Nogueras Blanchard

Anne-Lise Coste
Être en vie – l’infini
Until 04.01.2012



Katrin Mayer – Telling Textures

Wenceslaus Hollar, 1647

The interior is not defined by a continuous enclosure of walls but by the folds, twists and turns in an often discontinuous ornamental surface. Referring to the architect Gottfried Semper, who reversed the hierarchical order where cladding is secondary to structure, Katrin Mayer’s work deals with spatial textures in a notion of having discursive layers of interiors within its interiors. Seeing Dolores as a curated insert within a gallery structure she develops a specific texture that reflects on the term of masking. “The imposed mask of femininity can be re-appropriated through masquerade to produce another spatiality, an ‘elsewhere’. But this ‘elsewhere’ is not so much a place, as a displacement of place.”  (> Luce Irigaray)

Katrin Mayer (DE) lives and works in Berlin. She studied visual art in Hamburg where she also was a fellow of the post-graduate program Deconstruction and Design: Gender. Her artistic work concerns installation-based emplacements in specific discourses and spatial contexts, directed by her interest in theories of difference, gender and identity.

Recent solo and group exhibitions include So as to form surfaces at Kunstverein Düsseldorf, Living Archives at KUB Arena, Kunsthaus Bregenz, Beginning good. All good. at KUB Arena, Kunsthaus Bregenz, Seams and Notches at RECEPTION Gallery Berlin, The End of the World as we Know It at Kunsthalle Mulhouse, Balloons / ‘“Your very own words.“ Indeed! And who are you?’ (Brion Gysin) at Open Space, Art Cologne, Fake or Feint in Berlin, SPACE REVISED – #1 Friendly Takeovers at Gesellschaft für aktuelle Kunst, Bremen and Indicated by Signs at Kunstverein Bonn.

Upcoming shows include Verdeckte Adressaten at Weiße Rose-Stiftung / Platform3 in Munich and the spatial concept for PostPorn Parliament which will take place at W139 in Amsterdam and Kampnagel in Hamburg next year. For updates please visit

Opening: Sat. 29th October 17 – 19 hrs
Exhibition period: 29/10 – 24/12
Curator for Dolores Karin Hasselberg

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