Falke Pisano / Jenni Tischer 10/09/11 – 22/10/11

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Falke Pisano – The Body in Crisis (Distance, Repetition, and Representation)

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After several years devoted to her cycle of works ‘Figures of Speech’ (2005-2010), Falke Pisano’s second solo exhibition at Ellen de Bruijne Projects introduces a new series of propositions and inquiries that deal with “the Body in Crisis as an on-going event”. In her installation ‘The Body in Crisis (Distance, Repetition, and Representation)’ Pisano focuses on historical representations of the human body in moments of crisis, mainly collected caricatures and graphics that she encountered in research and travels over the last year. Following the idea that “the state of emergency we live in is the rule” (W. Benjamin) Pisano centres her analysis on two things: First, the historical and continuous reiteration of the human body finding itself in moments of crisis, and thus exposing the changing political, social and economic structures that have an impact on the bare condition of human (self-)cognition. Second, Pisano’s propositions formulate an inquiry into the formal possibilities to represent the body in crisis, in the realm of art. Drawing a perspective on these critical movements of de- and reterritorialisation of the body and its representation along history, she maps the challenge of affirming that ‘distance’ and ‘repetition’ are as such constitutional for the logic of representation and semiosis in modern and post-modern culture. In this sense Pisano comprehensibly follows up her work in the ‘Figures of Speech’ cycle, thus adding to it layers of human figuration.

Falke Pisano (NL, 1978) lives and works in Berlin. Her diagrammatic works expose a loop, in which shifting abstract sculptural forms are conceived directly in relation to written and spoken language, implying an ongoing and morphing production of meaning. Solo exhibitions include Transmission Gallery, Glasgow; Hollybush Gardens, London; Balice Hertling, Paris and Grazer Kunstverein (with Benoit Maire), Graz. She was represented in Making Worlds, 53rd Venice Biennale (2009), Modernologies, Macba, Barcelona (2009), Yokohama Triennale, Japan (2008), Word Event, Kunsthalle Basel, Switzerland (2008) and Manifesta 7, Trentino (2008).

Pisano comprised her work, focusing on the act of speech in relation to different forms of agency in artistic production, in the publication ‘’Figures of Speech’’ (designed and co-edited by Will Holder, published by JRP-Ringier, Christoph Keller Editions, 2010).

Upcoming exhibitions are Abstract Possible, Tensta Konsthall, Stockholm and de Vleeshal, Middelburg (both 2012).



When Evelin or one of the others do not have anything to do, they join each other, one sitting, one standing.
Four hands, two preoccupied and two resting on the lap.
One pair of eyes follow the movements of the hands, the other pair follow the images that are evoked by this narration:
One can find those “who have left homes that no longer hold onto anything“ in front of the tapestries in the museum. They glance at the weavings, whilest drawing “whatever“ – losing track of time and space. They somehow feel that all this is part of the past “…this kind of quiet life’s slowly moving gestures that did not quite reveal all their significance and they could vaguely recall thinking for a time that such would be their life.“1

1 R. M. Rilke, Aufzeichnungen des Malte Laurids Brigge, 1910. Free translation to English by the artist.

Jenni Tischer (Germany 1979) lives and works in Berlin. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna where she graduated in 2010. Her work has recently been shown at Gallery Krobath in Berlin and she is currently working as an editor at Texte zur Kunst.

Opening: Sat. 10th September 17 – 19 hrs
Exhibition period: 10/9 – 23/10
Curator for Dolores Karin Hasselberg with Falke Pisano



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