Claudia Sola in Dolores 07/07/07 – 21/07/07

Claudia Sola , in dolores with “Trick ‘r treat a/o works”.

The exhibition of Annelise Coste is extended to 21-7.

Claudia Sola will present the triple video work “Trick ‘r Treat”, which she made in 2002. Sola treats the visitor on a bombardment of images, with a fastness that deliberately agitates your mind, and forces it into the highest speed-level, still knowing you will perceive only a third of the footage. On top of the speed, there is the alarming content of all the images: Documentary images of war, oppressors, official proclamations of (mostly) war; images with reference to danger, pain and killing. Because the images all look familiar to us, since we know our history, this is loosening up ones mind a bit to a lesser alarm-level. But the trick in this work comes slowely, when you realize that real documentary material and “imagined” documentary material (movies) are intertwined, and putting your mind towards confusion.

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