Annelise Coste / Charlotte Desaga 26/05/07 – 30/06/07

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anne-lise coste

anne-lise coste, born 1973 in marseille and living in zürich, is participating in the upcoming tate-modern exhibition “learn to read”. just before, at ellen de bruijne projects, anne-lise’s solo show will be on view, the third show since she first participated here in 2003 with a group show.

words, slogans, quotations and fragments of phrases play a central role in anne-lise’s work, where text and figurative drawings combine to comment on political, social and personal issues, as well as emotional stages ranging from despair, anger and love, to loneliness, doubt and confusion. airbrush lends itself perfectly to the artist’s street smart graffiti-like handwriting sprayed directly on the gallery walls, and on different paper formats embedded into the wall composition which in turn form individual pieces. But the artist also works with watercolour and gouache, and recently took the challenge to work with the traditional brush to create paintings on canvas. Reflections and emotions are expressed with colourful immediacy. This radical subjectivity of anne-lise’s artistic handwriting stems from a profoundly political understanding of art where both what is written, as well as that which is portrayed always has a social dimension.

the way anne-lise confronts and exposes conflicting emotions in her paintings is courageous and mature. she illustrates thinking processes through underlining, crossing over or obsessively repeating key words. in her work, rebellion and protest are never divorced from a fundamentally poetic relationship to reality, and communicate “an affinity with visual poetry“ (quote nadia schneider).


Charlotte Desaga

this exhibition shows a detail from charlotte’s last “bild/raum”-installation “ashes to ashes”. she presents video, photography, drawings and wall pieces. in her work she focuses on the parameters of the physical existence: she is following thoughts, no matter what, in order to get through to the temporal side and limits of things. you notice poetic, and epic elements in her work, freely juxtaposed to each other. a kind of porous condition, which solidifies for a moment. what is lasting in the end is merely a trace of breath. perhaps for the most part a crude, sometimes cheap-romantic memory is left.

Ellen de Bruijne Projects
Liste Basel 07
Jeremiah Day
12/17 June

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