Maria Pask / Stefanie Seibold 25/02/06 – 01/04/06

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Maria Pask – Summer School

Maria Pask will be presenting at Ellen de Bruijne Projects her “Summer School” which took place in Milton Keynes Gallery, England in 2005. The exhibition will give an insight into the Summer School and she will be showing a “cocktail of social commentary, political doctrine, ecological soundings, philosophy, feminism, body politics and religion”, as MK G director Michael Stanley put it in his accompanying text to the project (see above link for full text).
In August 2005, Amsterdam based artist, Maria Pask, brought together actors from Milton Keynes to work with a small group of Dutch artists. Arriving and encamping at MK G in a VW Camper van, Pask’s ensemble ‘spilt out’ into the exhibition space, transforming the gallery into an all-in-one production site for stage design, a prop making facility and rehearsal space, open for gallery visitors to watch.
The project comprised of a four – day workshop, using a script devised by the artist. The play was performed over two evenings; one act presented each night, the script for which the actors had only been given the day before. Pask’s project made visible the very structure of an artwork, and, racing against time, created as many possibilities for it to fail as to succeed.
The script focuses on the life and work of John Newton, past resident of Olney (a village near Milton Keynes), reformed slave trader and author of the hymn ‘Amazing Grace’. Pask’s project fittingly contemporises the past, connecting 18th century social reform with the social and political complexities of today.

In the series of Free Exchange evenings, Maria Pask will offer two presentations:

Lecture on Summer School and John Newton by Maria Pask
Date: Friday 17 March, 20 hours
Language: English

Workshop: Exercises designed to build self-motivation and awareness of the group dynamic.
Date: Wednesday 22 March, 19 – 21 hours
Language: English
Please reserve at
(Loose clothing advisable)

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Stefanie Seibold – Suffragette city/City of women

By exploring the means and possibilities of performance as well as the notion of performativity, Stefanie Seibold (1967, DE) creates alternative spaces that allow for a narration of different sexual and gender identities. In the frame of her ongoing project “Sufragette city/City of women” the show at Dolores will comprise material that she assembled in A READER, a series of posters that represents an independent context for her work but also functions as an autonomous piece.

The Project A READER is a collection of seemingly disparate materials: from photos to newspaper articles, from drawings to posters, from literary quotes to pop lyrics, propaganda slogans, manifestos, own materials and samples, group projects, collectives individuals and so on.

The elements of A READER are combined trough several underlying themes and principles, with a particular attention on their gestural and performative values, as well as their utopian potentials. The very way in which A READER is constructed activates its performative energies. A visual archive not only of storage and collection but also one that activates its elements and connects them. An indexed image atlas, that generates meaning and represents in itself the ideas of the performative: the work makes visible the processes of arrangement and structuring (as well as reading and looking), quasi as parallel to the content-transfers between signs and gestures, e.g. the markings of sex and gender.

Opening: Saturday February 25 , 17-19h
EXHIBITION: February 25 – April 1

The print issue of A READER will be presented March 11 during the symposium on the relationship between Art, Performativity and today’s Feminism organized by If I can’t dance I don’t want to be part of your revolution at Huis a/d Werf in Utrecht.

FREE EXCHANGE: Thursday March 2, 20h

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