Michiel Kluiters / David Miles 09/04/05 – 14/05/05

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Michiel Kluiters


Although the work of Michiel Kluiters (1971) deals at first glance with architectural constructions, the core of his interest lies with an abstract relativism linked to the psychological observational condition within the public sphere.
Since 1999, he has been producing wall-filling photographs of vacant architectural interiors. The photographs were presented in order to function as a blank screen for temporal projection. In order to evoke a specific physical relationship towards the work, generic spaces were constructed around one camera’s central viewpoint. The resulting photograph acts as an intervention into a site-specific location.
From this working process, recent developments incorporate video and life size architectural constructions that enable the observer to participate with shifting positions of looking, standing and moving.
The work refers to areas of urban architecture that house buildings of prominence that have certain historical and social functions.
Mesh perpetuates the ritual of filling up space. It is an attempt to combine the experiences of navigation within the gallery and the imposed limits to the individuals navigational impulses in new urban areas within Holland.


David Miles

Bad Thoughts

A man is caught in the crossfire of a shootout;
two teenage girls fling themselves off a block of flats;
a boy is bullied by the feared red-haired girl from school;
a trainee milkman cannot take any more;
someone will break into our house tonight…

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