Ralf Berger / Daragh Reeves – Salon Ivanova – Free Exchange 28/05/04 – 03/07/04

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Ralf Berger

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“Homeless works”, 2001, performance and video installation

“Our brain has no direct access to the world. It is totally concerned with itself. The world is in our head. Everything that exists takes place within our cranium. This cramped space is the theatre wherein the reality of the world drama is played out, our existence having generously paid for the entrance ticket. We have the best seats, and look at ourselves on the stage where we make our entry. Interiors and exteriors are all one. Interiors and exteriors are volumes with which sculptors among others have sought to come to terms. Ralf Berger (Düsseldorf, 1961) is a sculptor, and it is precisely this volume within our skull that he has turned into his favourite working material, which he seeks to investigate and thematize.”
(Harald Uhr in catalogue: Szenarien, Bonner Kunstverein, Stadthaus Ulm, 2001/2002)

After two solo-shows at Ellen de Bruijne Projects (1999 and 2001), Ralf Berger will return at the gallery once again with three new installations with video, and a life performance on the opening at 18.00 hours.


Daragh Reeves’ Un Borghese Piccolo Piccolo

Daragh Reeves’ Un Borghese Piccolo Piccolo
This film is an Italian comedy, but a dark one! In one scene a man behind a desk rubs endless dandruff from his scalp onto a sheet of paper while another man pleads to give his beloved son a job. It is beyond funny, it could even be dangerous to watch. But the film changes, suddenly, when the son is killed by the stray bullet of a terrorist. This Bullet switches off all the lightness and leads the man and his wife down a path of revenge, eventually to the torture and death of their son’s young killer.
Duration: 117 min.

The above story is the material for a new work by artist Daragh Reeves (1974, UK). He re-presents the original film (‘Un Borghese Piccolo Piccolo’of Marlo Monicelli, 1977) as an abstract vision of colour and pace. The voice of an Italian woman is heard over the telephone. The woman (played by the artist’s real life grandmother) attempts to translate the dialogue while she watches the film at home for the first time.


Free Exchange with Daragh Reeves: Wednesday 23 June, 20.00h

Salon Ivanova

(Zhana Ivanova) 29 March – 10 July

Salon Ivanova: “Nasdaq”: Saturday 10 July, 21.00h

SALON IVANOVA with Zhana Ivanova, Uta Eisenreich and Lala Rascic. Salon Ivanova was initiated by performance artist Zhana Ivanova and sound artist Sam Britten while they were living in London. The small informal event took place in Ivanova’s living room where they worked together on performances and invited other artists to collaborate. In the second salon, finding place in both EdB Projects and Dolores, Zhana Ivanova and Uta Eisenreich help you satisfy all your needs and reach transendence within the hour.

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