Mark Kent 08/03/03 – 12/04/03

Wall Painting and DVD Projection

The wall paintings of Mark Kent (Cork, 1972) suspend the distinctionbetween pictures-oriented and installative painting. Between manualapproach and mechanical construction.

The wall painting is an attempt to delineate and define space. Wallpaintings let us experience the effect space has on our mind and body. Inthe wall paintings of Mark Kent the process of using the computertransforms structural information into a metaphor of mental space. Usingthe proportions of that space as a program the image is fragmented, likepieces of a puzzle or bricks. These elements are rearranged andsubsequently form an infinitely interchangeable network of systems.A tension is generated between space, layer and colour because the wallpainting opposes spatial coordinates, transforming real space into animaginary plane.

Experiencing the space of Mark Kent at Ellen de Bruijne Projects

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